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live like you're dying

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its such a paradoxical that before i left
i was wailing, sobbing at the slightest thing
thinking i'd miss everything i've been so comfortable with
the bestest pals n even the ex sent me off
i dropped by gucci with so little time on my hands
came out within 20seconds to get ciggos for my friend
our names got called out at the aiport
ran after plane
to encapsulate it all,i left heavy-hearted
reached here feeling liberated
im thankful for the space i have now
so god damn pleased, i don't intend to get home
school has been very boring
im trying to lie to myself that tuts would be better
but just who am i to kid
received emails from my parents
very touching stuff
i feel very unfilial for not adding my mother back on fb
asked to remove her account
cos i needed my space
if i stalk
o you just haven't met my mother
another very very long email came in from my bf i broke up with a few days ago
he wants a reply
and im staring right at my screen
mind's blank
maybe a few drinks tonight would definitely help

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