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it felt like spring time on this february morning

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phone lost on tuesday, it's saturday now
4 nights of sub-consciously dreaming and waking up over the same issue
who stole my phone?
i realise it's a thing that i need to know everything
it may be a rhetorical question
or a yes or no answer kinda question
answers that i have already formed in my head
yet i need to know

i believe that it was an insider job that my phone got stolen
i'm suspecting you cos i've every right to
why? why me? why my phone?
are you that hard up for cash to buy clothes from topshop?
for i will never, never trust anyone thanks to you
the fact that i need to know everything
seems a little overbearing
like why you had breakfast with her when you told me you'd never wana meet her
ooops, was i too gullible
to be trusting your words too?

* * *